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Cricut Joy Review

I am simultaneously obsessed and baffled by the Cricut Joy. The Joy is the latest machine by the behemoth company which swore that the Cricut Maker was the last machine we would ever need. So imagine everyone's confusion when they announced this compact cutter. At nearly half the size, a fourth of the weight, and over $100 cheaper than the Maker, the Joy offers itself as an alternative machine. But is it worth it? Who should consider buying it? Is this for novices or experts? The answer is going to surprise you. Production Over Design The Cricut Joy is a sleek looking tiny machine. As promised, once you plug in the machine, you'll be producing cards within minutes. If (and it's an if), you can procure the new Cricut Joy Card Mats, card production was never easier. But let me be clear: this is card production, not card designing. This is how making a card goes with the Cricut Joy. Pick a design. Insert a pre-folded card into the Cricut Mat. Press Go. It cuts. Push in