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Unboxing and Using Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine Issue 204

Yesterday I went to Michael's and finally purchased  Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine Issue 204 . In today's YouTube video, I go through the materials and make a card. In addition to the card I made, take a look at some of my other creations below: The first two cards use the dog house and the "A house is not a home without a..." The first card I made uses both the paper and the stamps. Using Copic Markers, I colored in the dog house. In the second card, I used the exact same set-up, but I want to make sure I used the mini emboss folder that came with the issue. It doesn't quite pop like the red house; nevertheless, it's still cute. The next two sets of cards use the cat stamp and the "You're the cat's whiskers!" stamp included. The fourth card was made first, but this left me with some scraps, so I collaged them for the background to create a little depth. Then I put some washi tape across to unify the three separate pieces of cardstock. A

Card Designing with Maps and Ledgers

I, like many crafters, own more materials than a reasonable human can use in a lifetime. With approximately a Michael's worth of embossing folders, paper, stamps and washi tape, I set out to give myself a small challenge this week. Make 10 cards using just two main materials. The first is this gorgeous card pack called Maps, Text & Ledgers . If you decide to purchase this, just know the paper sub 60lb weight, so it will need reinforcement. And the next is this Journey embossing folder and stamp set from Sizzix. This is a bit of a tough to find set. You can find it on ebay for around $14.99. Here were the 10 cards that I made. Hopefully you find some inspiration along the way. My first day were all cards with A2 dimensions (8.5" x 5.5") 1. In my first card I used the map and cut it using a banner die. I then used the globe stamp as is and placed it on black cardstock, using 3D adhesive dots to give it a little dimension. 2. Somethin

Tutorial: Pinwheel Cards

If you're like me, you have a scrap box too big. My scrap box(es) are full to the brim. Color coordinated, they get pulled out here or there for some embellishments or for a collage, but really, they mostly collect dust. That's recently changed since getting into pinwheel cards. Pinwheel cards are fun, easy cards to make that are perfect for any occasion. So here's your step by step guide on making gorgeous pinwheel cards,  Step 1: Choose your two patterns, and cut each of them into 4 squares, each measuring 1.25in  (for a total of 8 squares), Make sure at least one of these is a clearer image (flowers on flowers or stripes on other stripes can make this messy). For myself, I choose a simple green wallpaper pattern and a golden flower. Step 2: Cut out two squares each measuring 2 5/8in or each measuring 2 7/8". If you want more border around your pinwheel. Choose the latter.  Step 3: Glue the two large squares together so they make an eight point star and begin gluing