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The House Challenge #JL2920 Entry: Diversity Card(s)

This week I took a look at the website The House That Stamps Built. For their Wednesday challenge, they gave out this sketch design:

Link to Sketch Challenge

It's a pretty popular silhouette, so it was easy to get inspiration with this design. I recently received my brand new  United as One Stamp set from Hero Arts. I wanted to make sure that diversity was embodied through my card, so I used paper from Capitol Chic Designs which is a stationary and planner company that celebrates diversity (and is run by a Black entrepreneur). 

So with that in mind, here was my entry for this challenge:

I used 3D adhesive dots to make the heart pop a little. I'm really happy with the results.

And I never make cards in one, so I made a second version with a different stamp from the same Hero Arts collection.

What I love about the stamp set is the versatility of the hands. It's the first time that I've seen Black representation explicitly on a stamp set. I settled on the Are you OK? phrase because I think that's the perfect question to ask someone who identifies BIPOC during these troubling times.

Remember, if you're to use a card like this, it's important that you don't expect a response, and you should probably explicitly state that in the card. I remember reading that in Holly Chang's The Person's You Mean to Be which is fantastic antiracist text.

Check back tomorrow for another Capitol Chic Design inspired card with a whole different Paris spin.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Two fabulous cards! The papers are really pretty and I really like the use of the heart on the first card. Thanks for playing with The House That Stamps Built.


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