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Hand Stamped Sentiments Entry #349: Haunted House Card

Halloween inspiration continues this week. I've been waiting for a more open challenge to finally pull out my Anna Griffin Haunted House Easel Card Die . Knowing how time consuming these types of dies are, I needed a challenge with plenty of flexibility. Thankfully, I found one from the Hand Stamped Sentiments blog. This week, the blog featured this inspiration photo: In the bottom right corner stood the Haunted House. Needless to say, I knew what I was doing with my Monday. As usual, these types of dies are time consuming, not because of the initial cut, but all the little intricate pieces, of which you only get a few dies to help cut. I spent most of the time recutting shutters. Is the die worth it? Only for those really special people in your life. Nevertheless, here are the results: I am always making in two, but I wasn't sure what color combinations would stand out. While the black house with white shutters looks sleek, I'm super fond of the purple house with orange s

Joy of Sets Entry #021: Mixed Media Halloween Easel Card

Here at, we love a good Tic Tac Toe board to get our thinking going (see our first set of Halloween cards ). Sure enough, another Tic Tac Toe board served up inspiration this week from the blog Joy of Sets . This one proved a bit more challenging.  I recently acquired Anna Griffin's Easy Easel Cut Dies (see my previous Halloween Easel card ) and was excited to use them again.  For the Tic Tac Toe challenge, I was a bit stumped on where to go. I opted for center across: Black, Science and Blending. I knew exactly what to do for Black and Science. Blending is trickier. Since I personally don't blend ala some famous crafters like Tim Holtz, I used blending in a couple different ways. One was in my firm card stock, while the other was blending with my Copic markers for my die cuts and stamps.  This was the end result: The totally creepy card was exactly the vibe I was going for. The stamps came from Michael's 2020 Halloween collection. The From Regions Beyond

Color Dare Challenge Entry #412: Halloween Easel Card

This week's challenge came courtesy of Color My Heart which showcased a Color Dare challenge. The task involving using only three colors. Let's just say, there was a certain fall theme, perfect for continuing my Halloween inspired cards. So let's take a look at the colors: I immediately went for the Black, French Vanilla and Nectarine colors. It's just the match for the spooky vibe I was hoping for. Using my new Easy Easel Cut and Emboss dies from Anna Griffin, I got to work. Here were the results: I ran both the black and nectarine paper through different emboss folders. Because of the size of the black card stock (5" x 7") I had to double press the paper. To make sure it didn't feel flimsy, I double backed the paper with nectarine to give it a strong feel.  I stamped and cut the different Halloween stamps and colored them with my copic markers. Using a light shade of grey on the mummy gave him a little extra dimension. Then I used 3D adhesive dots to g

International Art and Soul Entry #92: Halloween Cards

Here on, it's been a minute since I've worked on cards. That's for an assortment of reasons (mostly because I'm a teacher and school is my new top priority). But I also lost a bit of my inspiration, giving some way to other hobbies. But thankfully, with fall around the season and the holidays gearing up, there's no shortage of inspiration around here.  This week's cards come courtesy of International Art and Soul blog  and one of my favorite types of challenges, the Tic Tac Toe board . Let's take a look at the board: For my first card, I went across the top, focusing on a bow, red and embossing. The red and embossing was easy, but for the bow, I went with twine on the side. I used a general stamping technique and here's the results: The blood emboss folder is a creepy one with blood oozing down. I stamped the image several times and used 3D adhesive dots to give a white cut out a little pop. I colored it in with my copic markers, and voil