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Joy of Sets Entry #022: Glitter Silhouettes

What I love about the Joy of Sets blog is that there Tic Tac Toe challenges are just that, a challenge. While other card making blogs give variations on the same color, emboss, and ribbon styles, Joy of Sets often offers unique counterpoints that make card creating tricky in its own right. Take a look at October's challenge:

Unique ideas like silhouette, checks, script, torn and stitches means you can't rely on the conventional. I won't lie, I'm waiting for my new card die set to come so I can make my across the bottom: Ribbon, Window and Glitter. 

As it stood, I was a bit perplexed, and I decided that my Cricut Joy might actually be the way to go for this. While originally I felt more tepid towards my Cricut Joy, in recent months, I pull it out when I need a card quickly. I knew the diagonal black, silhouette and glitter would be the perfect way to go. So here were the results:

I wish you could actually see the card in motion, as the glitter cardstock captures every ounce of light around it. Photographically, it doesn't come across.

I'm actually surprised that the Cricut company hasn't started to offer glitter card stock for the joy, so I have to rely on my own chopping to get the insert to fit just right.

Because I had my machine out, I went into full production mode. Here was another card that fit the challenge perfectly.

This is kind of the weirdest card, isn't it? It's the only Feel Better Soon card that fits for the month of October. Bizarre.

Because I was working my way through glitter cardstock, I decided to make a couple more Christmas festive cards. They don't have the black that's needed for the challenge; nevertheless, I thought I'd share them anyway.

As per usual with the Cricut Joy, I didn't feel much like a designer. If I get my new card die set, I will definitely be revisiting the Joy of Sets challenge again, because this is just what I need to keep my inspiration up. 

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  1. What a fabulous card Danny and I'm so pleased you find our challenges a challenge - they certainly make you think outside the box. I've found that FB is now offering a 3d option for photos of cards so that could show us the glitter. Thanks for joining us this month - you should come and join our JOS FB group too. Fiona

  2. I absolutely love your card! That glitter is the perfect addition. Our grid can be challenging sometimes, but you definitely nailed it. Thanks for joining us at the Joy of Sets; hope to see you next month too!

  3. Love you entry into the JOS Tic Tac Toe challenge. The black glitter paper on your silhouette cauldron is fantastic. I too love challenges that are a bit challenging, makes you use products sometimes you normally wouldn't. Thanks for joining us over at JOS.

  4. You have had a fun time with that black glimmer paper! So glad that you've found our challenges... as they do make you think! Looking forward to see what you create with the new die set you're waiting for. Thanks for participating in the challenge this month.


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